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Initial phone consultation                         20 min    No Charge

Session rates are as follows:

Individual Intake and Assessment (1st session)    60 min        $155

Individual session                                                          50 min       $125

 I am currently an In-Network provider with CIGNA, Aetna, OPTUM/UHC, and BCBS.


If I am out-of-network with your insurance company check to see if your plan offers Mental Health out-of-network benefits that will reimburse a portion of your cost with a Superbill, which I can provide.

Accepted Payment Options

At this time, I accept HSA, Visa,  MasterCard, Discover, and Debit Cards for self-pay clients.  Many times clients prefer to self-pay rather than use insurance benefits for the following reasons:

1. Insurance companies can and do limit the number, frequency, and length of services.

2.  Insurance companies request diagnoses, session notes, and treatment plans, compromising your privacy and confidentiality...

3. ...that then is included in your permanent record.  

4.  Insurance companies will not cover life issues that are not considered a medical necessity. That could include life transitions, simple relationship issues, and much more.

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